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Monday, March 10, 2008

Bringing a Son Home

I know, when it comes to adoption, that everyone could use a financial boost - and that is the purpose of this blog. So when I got this request - I felt compelled to put it on - even though I do not usually list those that are not selling something....
Here is the email:

I was wondering if you could possibly link my blog. We are in a hurry up and find the money mode to adopt a waiting child. We just adopted our beautiful daughter, and had no intentions to adopt again. But alas, the world had different plans for us! http://hk-roadhome.blogspot.com/ If there is anymore information I can give, please just ask. We aren't exactly liking asking people for monetary help, but this child was meant to be our son, and we just can't bear to see him wait any longer.

By the way, after checking out their blog - they do have some beautiful blankets for sale - and their little guy is a honey - go see for yourself!!!

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