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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Help the Land Family

The Land family has quite a few fundraisers going on to help bring home three special needs children from Eastern Europe. Let's see how we can help them!

Just Love Coffee

Adoption Tshirt Fundraiser

Sponsor a Puzzle Piece for $5

Family Grant Fund

Blogs with Purpose

I LOVE this - a wonderful family helping others raise money for adoption - all through Blog Design. I recently pulled back on my blog design because of an overwhelming life, but this gal does a SUPER job and gives her proceeds away to help others!
Blogs With Purpose

Our Heart in Ethiopia

What a wonderful Etsy site - all things "Ethiopia" - you will love it AND help out this wonderful family on their second adoption journey!

Our Heart in Ethiopia

Because We are Led

ALL sorts of great fundraisers HERE for this family!
GO and see if there is one that might work for you (and them!!).

Blessed by Adoption

These T's are WONDERFUL!! Go check them out.

Sweets for Samuel

What a great idea - buy some chocolate and help bring home Samuel!
They look WONDERFUL!!!
Sweets for Samuel

Bringing Home LuLu

Let's help this family by visiting their auction to help bring a little one home from Ethiopia!
Bringing Home LuLu

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