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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In the Market for a New Home??

We have adopted 5 times and still owe thousands of dollars for our last 2 adoptions (from Liberia) and we have tried everything from yard sales to pizza cards to dollar-donation websites. Through it all, we have only raised a few hundred dollars. I have applied for every grant that I could and was never selected for any of them. The only good part of it is that it meant that another family was blessed when they were selected for those grants.

Anyway, we have basically given up except for one avenue which is my husband's job. He is a real estate agent in Utah and would like to be able to use at least a portion if not all of any commission or referral fee that came through an adoption source to go towards paying our adoptions. We are also on the board for a new adoption grant that is just getting going and once our adoptions are paid off, then we would like to continue to donate the money allocated for adoptions to help other people with grants. So if anyone is moving to or from Utah and would like to use him as their agent, please contact him at Martell@MyRadHome.com . His name is Martell Dansie. He can also get a referral fee for anyone moving anywhere else in the U.S. If they contact him and tell him what they are looking for in a house and the area they are moving to and/or from, then he can find them a good agent in that area and he will get a referral fee from that agent.

**I copied and pasted this email just so that you all would get the feel for what it is that you can accomplish by using them if you need to look for a new home!

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