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This blog is dedicated to giving you a place to shop that supports adoption and adoptive families. Everyone listed on this blog is trying to raise money either for their family to adopt or to help other families adopt. If you want to support adoption - this is the place to shop!!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Chickadee Circle

The Wright's are pursuing adoption and have set up an Etsy shop to help cover some of the expenses. Her shop is BEAUTIFUL - she has personalized cards, baby gifts and children's clothing - you MUST go see her work!
Chickadee Circle

Popcorn Anyone??

This is a great popcorn fundraiser - the choices look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!!


Yet another family doing a raffle to give away a MARVELOUS prize package!!! $5.00 entries - that is such an easy way to help a family.

(Click on the button to go there and get bidding!)


Let's help "Seventh Diamond" bring home her little Sophia. She is holding an online auction - lots of great stuff there to bid on - including a blog design from me!!!

Starfish Cleft Home

Monday, February 16, 2009


What a fun site - I had not seen this before - a website ZAZZLE - that sells adoption apparel and gifts. This fundraiser will support another adoptive family so go check it out!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stitching to China

This family is raising money for their second special needs adoption. She does beautiful sewing - her clothes are gorgeous! Go see what she has for your little one and help support their endeavors!
Stitching to China

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Need a T???

Support orphans (and an adoptive family) through a t-shirt - I just LOVE it - you MUST go see these!!!

Gwen states:

T-SHIRTS ARE HERE ... I DESIGNED THEM TO CAUSE PEOPLE TO TALK ... I pictured the Daisy as people would say "You Love Me, You Love Me Not?" and it hit me ... It is a personal choice to love the orphans, but it is a mandate from the Father
that we all care for them in some way ... WHAT DOES CARING LOOK LIKE FOR YOU ...
It could be adopting, sponsoring a child, helping someone fund their adoption,
clothes drives/food drives for orphanages, volunteering at a non-profit, interim
care, or simply buying this t-shirt to help bring my children home ... I know I
am saying this to the choir... You, my blog family, have been amazing at caring
for the orphans, so many of you are ACTING and we are changing this world !!!
Let's keep talking about them to others and get more people involved ...
$25.00 each ... I am so excited to be taking this step to start the fundraising for
my angels ... Much has happened over the last few days that I will blog soon ...
Feel free to email me any questions about the shirts ... s.oatsvall@comcast.net

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fundraising for Sasha

Here is an online auction to help raise funds to bring Sasha home - there are some great items here - go check it out.
Fundraising for Sasha

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