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This blog is dedicated to giving you a place to shop that supports adoption and adoptive families. Everyone listed on this blog is trying to raise money either for their family to adopt or to help other families adopt. If you want to support adoption - this is the place to shop!!

Just a note - I realize that posts will drop off the bottom of the blog that are still relevant - SO - make sure and click on the sidebar on Labels - to see past posts that are still active - you don't want to miss anything!!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008


For the next three months, JunkPosse Jewelry, is donating a part of her proceeds to The Bilby family for their adoption of a daughter from China. This means that a portion of all China jewelry designs (either custom or pre-designed) will go toward their funding for these next three months. Tracy does beautiful work - go see all of her designs - she said to let you know that over the next week or so new China designs will be added - so keep checking back.

And, as usual, Tracy donates a part of all of her jewelry proceeds to adoptive families, so browse all of her work - it is fabulous!!!

Help Bring William Home

Nikki, over at Blogs for a Cause, is using this month, MARCH, to donate a part of her proceeds to an adoptive family. $5 of all blogs she stylizes in March will go to Jen to help her with the expenses of adopting her son, William, from Liberia. William has many special needs including a bilateral cleft lip, an absent leg, and several deformities of the fingers and toes. He is a special little boy that will benefit greatly from a loving family - click here to see William's blog and learn more about their wonderful family.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Help Bring Mavery Home

I think these raffles are such a great idea - Here is a sweet family working on their second adoption - and raffling a Garmin GPS unit - (we have a Garmin GPS unit ourselves and LOVE it - so I'll put my plug in there!!!!) Go HERE and check it out!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cafe Press

Reza and Chin Ling are adopting from China ~ they have set up a cafe press store with some beautiful designs. They willl be adding more designs soon as well!!



Here is a family adopting from El Salvador that has a home-based business. Her products are adorable - you NEED to go check them out!!! Outfits, burp cloths, bibs, squeaky shoes, sippee cups and more - lots of items can be personalized - I KNOW I will be back!!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In the Market for a New Home??

We have adopted 5 times and still owe thousands of dollars for our last 2 adoptions (from Liberia) and we have tried everything from yard sales to pizza cards to dollar-donation websites. Through it all, we have only raised a few hundred dollars. I have applied for every grant that I could and was never selected for any of them. The only good part of it is that it meant that another family was blessed when they were selected for those grants.

Anyway, we have basically given up except for one avenue which is my husband's job. He is a real estate agent in Utah and would like to be able to use at least a portion if not all of any commission or referral fee that came through an adoption source to go towards paying our adoptions. We are also on the board for a new adoption grant that is just getting going and once our adoptions are paid off, then we would like to continue to donate the money allocated for adoptions to help other people with grants. So if anyone is moving to or from Utah and would like to use him as their agent, please contact him at Martell@MyRadHome.com . His name is Martell Dansie. He can also get a referral fee for anyone moving anywhere else in the U.S. If they contact him and tell him what they are looking for in a house and the area they are moving to and/or from, then he can find them a good agent in that area and he will get a referral fee from that agent.

**I copied and pasted this email just so that you all would get the feel for what it is that you can accomplish by using them if you need to look for a new home!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Flicker of Hope

Missy, a mother of 4 (1 adopted from Liberia), and her husband are beginning the process to bring yet another child home from Africa. They are raising money through candle sales - but not just candles, there are room sprays and more! Go check out their site - A Flicker of Hope.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

For your reading pleasure....

Laura is an adoptive mom who is anxiously waiting to bring home another little gift - this time from Vietnam!! To help pay for this adoption, this family is doing a fundraiser selling magazine subscriptions. If you need a gift subscription for someone or maybe for yourself, go HERE. You are helping to bring Malia home!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jewelry Celebrating Countries

Tracy is creating and selling gorgeous pendants celebrating countries of the world. The wonderful thing about her ministry is that she chooses families that are adopting to donate her proceeds to. You NEED to see these - they are beautiful!! Click HERE for Junk Posse.

Red Thread Stitches

An adoptive mom raising money for their upcoming, second adoption. Her outfits are beautiful and even include asian prints!!! Adorable dresses and more!! Click on the picture below to visit her site.

Blog Fairy Ads| Red Thread Stitches

Beautiful Bows

A Grandma raising money to help her children with their upcoming adoption. Her bows are gorgeous - go check them out!! Click on the picture below to visit her site.

Blog Fairy Ads| Angel Bowtique

Need PJ's???

A mom of two boys using her talents on the sewing machine to raise money for their upcoming adoption from China - they are asking for twins!!! Go check out her pajamas, blankets, bags, and MORE!!! Click on the picture below to visit her site.

Blog Fairy Ads| Kari's Kafe

Blog Design

This blog makeover blog is run by Becky - a mother of four, one adopted daughter from China and another on the way!!! She is helping to raise money to bring home their second daughter from China. If you need a blog makeover or even just a header - go check out her site! (She is currently able to only work on Blogger Blogs.) Click on the picture below to visit her site.

Lady In Waiting Blog Design

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